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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Quiet Round Here, Isn't It...

Apologies for breaking the wonderful silence that has settled over this blog. I'm far from finished with my online life. In fact, about a month ago I hatched a cunning plan to launch an all new and improved blog. It's now running in a functional enough state that I'm ready to unveil it. Behold the new hotness!

It's not just one new blog, but 3-in-1. I plan to post photos weekly, music whenever I'm inspired by what I'm listening to, and blog posts... well, I'm not guaranteeing a return to my travel days, but I'll make the occasional post. Please update your bookmarks or your RSS subscriptions if you're using a newsreader. I will cease to update this blog and instead direct my attention to the new site. I'll be online more often, and hopefully in a more interesting way.